Producer of top quality
meat and fish products

Orangetop produces meat and fish products using excellent, European raw materials. The entire production is processed within our own manufacturing plant: from quality control to product sorting and packing, curing in brine or deep freezing.

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Orangetop's quality products are entirely manufactured by Hartjes Meat Processing in Oss.


The Caribbean product line of Orangetop consists of the likes of the best Cured Beef Meat, Cured Pig Tails and Salted Cod.


Hartjes Meat Processing produces Orangetop African products like Beef Sinews, Goat cuts, Pig Feet and more.

Sliced meat

Hartjes Meat Processing has been leading specialist in manufacturing of meat strips, dice and minced meat for decades.

Caribbean Cured Meat and Fish Products

Ethnic products for the Surinam and Antilles communities in the Orangetop brand are food products like cured meat and fish (either dry cure or in brine), specifically produced and packed for the local ethnic markets and worldwide export.

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African Cured and Frozen Meat Products

The Orangetop brand is also known for high quality African meat products. Salted and/or frozen, specifically produced for either local ethnic markets and worldwide export.

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