The OrangeTop products are produced from meat that is supplied fresh. This results in around 300 tonnes of finished products every week, all in accordance with strict hygiene requirements. The meat is purchased fresh every day from EC-approved companies in accordance with our own product specifications. This enables OrangeTop to supply a consistently high quality.

Hartjes Meat Processing works in accordance with the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). The internationally recognised system consists of systematic and preventative measures. The food safety of our meat is therefore guaranteed. Hartjes Meat Processing employees are trained in monitoring quality and hygiene. Comprehensive inspections take place in all links of the production chain, including in the areas of food, transport and hygiene. Thanks to logbooks kept by all participants in the chain, it is possible to trace the origin of the meat.


Quality department

Hartjes Meat Processing has its own quality department.
The quality department manages the quality systems and the ensuing activities, such as carrying out audits at new suppliers, monitoring bacteriological product information and supervising product development.


Quality check for fruit, vegetables and herbs & spices

We are BRC certified and all our suppliers work with the IFS or BRC Quality System. In addition to our suppliers being certified, we also visit them to inspect their production processes. All our products are also traceable.