Hartjes Meat Processing specialises in the production and export of meat products from the Netherlands. A wide range of frozen and pickled products is produced under the OrangeTop brand name. These products are distributed worldwide. The company, which is based in Oss (the Netherlands), has a modern production location and extensive storage capacity. The wide product range comprises pork, beef, mutton, and poultry that is delivered fresh.

OrangeTop supplies a wide range of meat, vegetable and fruit products to clients all over the world. The company is located in Oss, in the Netherlands, and has a modern production site with ample storage capacity.

The OrangeTop brand stands for:

  • Consistent quality. Thanks to modern, innovative technologies and stringent inspections, OrangeTop products comply with all requirements applicable in the area of public health and food safety.

  • A continuous flow of innovative products, which are tailor-made to meet the requirements of each specific market.

  • An extensive network of reliable transport companies.

  • An excellent price/quality ratio.


Private label

Besides the OrangeTop label, Hartjes Meat Processing can also produce under a private label in consultation with the client. We determine the composition and the content of the boxes and barrels together with our customers. Our products are therefore tailor-made.