meat products

meat products

Pickled meat | Salted meat in brine

Pork, beef, mutton and poultry

OrangeTop's fresh Dutch meat products are salted in brine using hygienic methods and packed in buckets or barrels. The lids are then sealed in order to guarantee the quality and long shelf life. The meat products can be selected from various parts of the pig, cow, sheep and chicken. It is also possible to have a mix of various meat products in each barrel or bucket. The barrels and buckets are available in various sizes.


Quick-frozen meat


Hartjes Meat Processing is fully equipped to process pork meat parts. The parts can be produced and proffered in the common cuts. The Dutch IKB-approved meat is purchased, processed and packaged fresh every day at EC-approved companies in accordance with the customer’s own product specifications. The products that are processed and packaged to specification are quickly frozen down to the desired temperature in the shock freezer. This ensures that the quality remains optimum.

Beef, mutton and poultry

Hartjes Meat Processing purchases the meat from EC-approved companies in accordance with its own purchase specifications. These contain a detailed description of the cuts and bacteriological conditions, and thus guarantee quality. Tracking and tracking is also guaranteed for beef, mutton and poulry.

Fruit, vegetable and herbs & spices

Our range now includes more than just meat products alone. We have also added fruit, vegetables and herbs & spices to the range. These are available fresh, frozen or canned, in order to make an even wider range of products available to our clients.